Advocacy Overview

Through our advocacy, we fight for you. We fight for your right to affordable medications and technology, your right to be treated fairly at work and school, your right to quality health care, and so much more.


Transforming Lives with Action

Diabetes is a growing epidemic that cannot be ignored, so when bills are introduced on the federal or state level that positively affect people with diabetes, we are among the first to show support and fight for your rights. And we won’t back down until everyone affected by diabetes has the medication and insulin they need to live, until everyone is treated fairly in schools and the workplace regardless of diabetes status, and until health equity is the standard in Congress and in every health care provider’s office. Many Americans don’t even have access to adequate health care, and we believe health equity is a human right.

Our goals:

  • Make insulin affordable and accessible for all who need it
  • Promote health equity for at-risk populations affected by diabetes and prediabetes
  • Put an end to all forms of diabetes discrimination
  • Increase overall funding dedicated to diabetes research and programs

Resources and Other Initiatives

Advocacy Resource Hub

Learn about diabetes priorities and legislation effecting people with diabetes.

Other Advocacy Initiatives

Learn more about about other advocacy initiatives.