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Diabetes and Your Health

Diabetes can be easy to navigate with the right tools in place—and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is by your side through every step of your diabetes journey.


Lifesaving Resources at Your Fingertips

Take charge of your health with guidance from trusted experts to support your diabetes management goals and reduce your risk of diabetes-related complications. For over 80 years, the ADA has been a leading voice, providing awareness, education, and resources to help people living with diabetes and the loved ones who care for them. 


Mental Health

Tracking your blood glucose (blood sugar) levels, meal planning, maintaining an active lifestyle, and other daily responsibilities can become overwhelming. Discover ways to lighten your mental load to avoid diabetes burnout.

Behavioral Health

Sexual Health

Although not commonly discussed, diabetes can impact your sex drive. From low testosterone, impotence, and lack of sexual desire, learn how diabetes and intimacy go hand in hand.

Sexual Health

More About Diabetes and Your Health

Diabetes can impact many aspects of your health.